Man Adds “Analytics and Strategy Guru” To Resumé After Watching Six-Minute Pivot Table Tutorial On Youtube

Boston, MA – Feeling pleased with himself after watching a six-minute tutorial dedicated to a relatively common Excel function and only pausing twice to check, marketing director Shaun Hamilton immediately logged onto LinkedIn to update his profile heading to “Analytics and Strategy Guru.” According to colleagues, Hamilton had considered making the update last year after he found out that it’s possibly to not just add, but also to subtract in Excel, but that he felt it wasn’t the right time.

However, after watching one tutorial video on pivot tables and attempting to make absolutely zero of them himself, Hamilton couldn’t make the LinkedIn update fast enough.

“I always considered myself a bit of a quant jock because, most sports fans’ eyes glaze over when they see stats on the screen, but I’ll actually skim at least the first couple rows,” said Hamilton. “I guess I’m just a numbers geek that way.”

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