Uber Employee Cashes Out Company Stock Shares For Lyft Ride To Next Job Interview

New York, NY – With employees finally able to sell their plummeting Uber stock options, senior product manager Greg Leibovitz was excited to discover that his 10,000 shares would be just enough to cover the two-mile Lyft ride to his next job interview. Leibovitz originally planned on using his Uber shares to pay for lunch at Chipotle, but opted against it after realizing his options wouldn’t cover the cost for extra guacamole.

“After all the turmoil here at Uber, I’m just glad I was able to walk away with something,” stated Leibovitz. “Two years ago, I thought that this stock would buy my forever home,” stated Leibovitz. “Now, I’m just pleasantly surprised that there’s enough cash to not just get a Lyft to my interview, but almost halfway back to my studio apartment. It’s nice to finally get some value out of all my effort here at Uber and go someplace that’s actually got a real business model that isn’t just propped up on investor capital.

“And that’s why I’m really hoping that this interview with WeWork goes well.”

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