IT Technician Worried About Long-Term Career After Coworkers Figure Out How To Connect To WiFi On Their Own

El Paso, TX – As he watched his office coworkers connect to the internet without requiring any help from him, Saul Reyes began to question the long-term viability of his career path as an IT technician, where he typically spends 90% of his time helping employees connect to the office WiFi. Reyes estimates that the other 10% of his time is spent asking coworkers if they had tried turning their computer off and on again.

“It seems like just last week I could fill an entire 40-hour workweek just going around and showing people how to type in the WiFi password,” reminisced Reyes. “The smug satisfaction of telling them that they should be using a capital ‘I’ instead of a lowercase ‘l’ is the greatest feeling I’ve ever had in my professional career.”

Reyes hopes to regain some of his lost career stability by purchasing the most complicated Canon printer he can find so that no one else can figure out how to use it.

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