Upcoming Launch Of Disney Streaming Service Creating Anxiety For Nation’s Office Workers As They Struggle To Keep Up With Prestige Television Shows

Detroit, MI – As Disney plans to enter the already crowded streaming market, office workers have reported feeling even more stressed than usual as they are forced to dedicate even more of their free time to the latest streaming sensation. Office drones across the country fear that they will no longer be able to keep up with all of the critically acclaimed shows that at least one coworker will inevitably obsess over.

Bleary-eyed developer Dylan Fuller currently struggles to get just four hours of sleep due to constant pressure from his boss, Jeff Rodriguez, to watch The Sopranos and The Wire, and he is unsure whether Rodriguez’s comments that not watching the iconic dramas “is a fireable offense” was a joke or not. Fuller fears that he will lose what little sleep he currently gets just so that he can agree with his coworkers that The Mandalorian is an epic, world-building masterpiece that really knows what it’s doing with the Star Wars IP.

“When Jeff told me he’d give me his HBO login in exchange for my Netflix login, I thought, ‘oh sweet, I can finally watch Aquaman while I’m high with my friends and just rip on it,” said Fuller. “Instead, everyone at work now expects me to have an opinion on everything from Game of Thrones to Bojack Horseman.

“God, I would kill for one company to just provide a service that lets me watch all of this from one platform. Hell, they could even put the shows on at fixed times so that it’s not up to me when I get to watch them. That sounds amazing.”

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