Holy Shit, Coworker Pretty Sure He Just Saw Guy That Played Steve Urkel Driving Past Office

Joplin, MO – In what is most likely an attempt to make his daily life sound more interesting than it actually is, marketing manager and serial story embellisher Dennis Montgomery returned from his vape pen break to tell everyone that he is “99 to 99.99% certain” that he just exchanged head nods with the actor that played Steve Urkel in the 1990’s sitcom, Family Matters. Despite Montgomery’s coworkers skepticism about why the actor would be in Joplin, Missouri and driving downn the back alley shared with the adjacent hair salon, he remained adamant that it was actually the actor, much like the time he claimed to share a bowling alley lane with Denis Leary after 4th Street Bowl accidentally overbooked their Thanksgiving reservations.

“I’m telling you, it was definitely the ‘Urk Man’,” said Montgomery. “One second I’m puffing on my vape, the next second I see a guy accidentally back into our dumpster and say — hand on my heart here — ‘did I do that?’

“That’s the kind of thing that’s too crazy to make up.”

Despite the many holes in his story, Montgomery’s coworkers still consider his encounter with Steve Urkel more plausible than his story about the time he helped President Obama change a flat tire before his second inauguration.

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