E-Cig Manufacturer Hoping To Counter Recent News Reports Tying Vaping To Deaths By Pointing Out How Cool It Looks

San Bernardino, CA – With reported vaping lung injuries surpassing over 1,000 cases, e-cigarette manufacturer Smo-Ki Hittaz has launched its own media blitz that sidesteps the health issue entirely by instead focusing on just how f—-ing awesome exhaling a giant cloud of vape smoke looks, especially to chicks. Smo-Ki Hittaz CEO and founder Tyler “One Lung” Hernandez hopes that posting photos of young peoples’ faces almost completely obscured by a wad of smoke will keep potential customers from worrying about whether or not their product will more than likely kill them.

“When I first got into vaping, I was drawn in by the groups of dudes standing outside of movie theatres comparing face tattoos and blowing gigantic vape clouds,” reminisced Hernandez as he coughed up blood. “I just want to bring back that feeling of discovery for the next generation, especially junior high schoolers, since pretty much all of our flavors are marketed to them.”

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