Company’s Q4 Goals Are To Finally Finish Q1 Goals

Torrance, CA – As they discussed fourth quarter projects in their weekly strategy meeting, Miyogee’s leadership team unanimously agreed to prioritize all of the first quarter goals that they had failed to hit for the past nine months. The goals include building a mobile-friendly website, finally turn a monthly profit, and publish the most extensive sneak preview available for the Game of Thrones finale that aired in May.

Despite having spent the three quarters of the year failing to complete a single project, Miyogee executives refused to spend any time analyzing their own failings in leadership that have routinely led to the company’s inability to hit a single deadline. COO Mike Hamilton came the closest, when he proposed setting a “mid-2020ish” project to deep-dive into “executive efficiency.” However, when CEO Jim Northwich asked him to clarify what he meant, Hamilton stuttered and responded that he just wanted to “put time on the roadmap to discuss how much ass this team kicks.”

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