Irate Customer’s Entire World Comes Crashing Down After Learning She Already Speaking To Manager

Atlanta, GA – After being smugly informed by Verizon’s customer service representative that she was already speaking to the manager, Janet Williamson began questioning what she considered to be reality, unable to grasp how she was unable to escalate her minor inconvenience over a late payment to a higher authority. Williamson, a bank teller and mother of two, routinely demands to speak to management whenever she feels remotely slighted by a customer service employee. She once spoke to so many Apple employees over a 32-hour stretch that she ended up on the line with Apple CEO Tim Cook, who, after a three-hour argument, begrudgingly agreed to replace her iPhone battery for free.

Despite her reputation, 23 year-old customer service representative Danny Piokhan refused to back down when Williamson demanded she speak to his manager. Piokhan, who routinely arrives late to work “stoned as gas”, felt no reason to give in to Williamson while simultaneously looking for a VPN service to get around Verizon’s internet content filter.

“Look man, I don’t really care one way or another about giving that lady an unlimited data plan, it’s Verizon’s money,” Piokhan stated. “But if I had called my manager over, he would’ve seen me trying to find some tig ol’ bitties on my computer. He’s already told me a dozen times to just look at them on my phone, and I didn’t want to get in trouble.

“So I did what every red-blooded American does when talking about their job: I lied about my title.”

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