Startup’s Los Angeles Office Actually Rusted-Out Truck In Mojave Desert

Palmdale, CA – After ad startup Miyogee boasted about opening their newest office within walking distance of the Santa Monica Pier, new employees were surprised to find themselves working 60 miles away in the rusted-out wreck of a 1950 Chevy 3100. While employees were frustrated to not have any offices, desks, bathrooms, or free kitchen snacks, they were pleasantly surprised by the WiFi connection.

When asked to comment, H.R. manager Rhonda McNally denied accusations about misleading their employees and insisted that the sun-battered remains of the discontinued Chevy is still beachfront-adjacent, noting that the office is surrounded by more sand than any other startup in Santa Monica.

“Not only are we a part of Los Angeles, we’re in walking distance of Venice, Santa Monica, and Malibu, if you aren’t a giant fatty,” explained H.R. manager Rhonda McNally. “We encourage all our employees to take up hypermarathoning as a hobby.”

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