People Operations Manager Vows Not To Leave Office Until Figuring Out What Team-Building Event Will Save Company From Bankruptcy

Dubuque, IA – As executives at ad agency Miyogi faced the harsh reality of shuttering the business, people operations manager Diane Olsen remains highly optimistic that the right company-wide team-building event would immediately solve the company’s financial woes. Olsen told coworkers that plans on working the entire night researching the most obscure trust falls ever performed in the corporate world in order to find the one that will trim Miyogi’s eight-figure debt. According to sources, she may even consider using a blindfold.

“I’ve yet to come across a problem that can’t be solved by sharing a pleasant moment with your coworkers,” said Olsen, whose three last company events were cancelled due to low attendance. “In fact, I think all of this country’s problems could e solved if we stopped pointing fingers at each other and instead signed up for an escape room so we could learn how to work together and have a fun time doing it.”

As of press time, Olsen has barged into slate-night executive meeting to inform everyone that she had figured out a way to save the business after finding a great Groupon deal for a rock-climbing class.

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