Paul Giamatti-Looking Coworker Actually Acclaimed Actor Discreetly Studying How To Play Weary, Broken-Down Common Man

Los Angeles, CA – Amobee employees were shocked to discover that Saul Diamatti, colloquially described in the office as a “more disheveled, fatter, balder Paul Giamatti”, is actually the acclaimed movie star. Executive assistant Tawny Sinclair was the first to discover Giamatti’s true identity after overhearing the actor berating his agent for convincing him to spend two years of his life as an office manager

“No one should have to come to some godawful paycheck-prison just to answer a bunch of emails about how our catered lunches don’t offer enough pescatarian options,” Giamatti screamed while restocking the Nespresso machine. “You get me out of here, or I’m walking on Sideways 2: This Time It’s For Blood.

After lunch, coworkers glowingly praised Giamatti for his dedication and commitment to staying in character, noting that they truly believed he was completely miserable every moment of the day. However, they also expressed some disappointment in the actor, with multiple sources saying they expected him to be taller.

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