Coworker Unable To Participate In Work Trip After Forgetting Mom’s Permission Note

Washington, D.C. – Instead of spending her day with coworkers attending a work trip to the National Air and Space Museum, account executive Diana Wagner was forced to spend the day sitting Human Resources manager Kristin Mclaughlin’s office after leaving her mom’s signed permission note at home. Despite Wagner’s pleas to call her mom and insistence that the signed note was taped to the fridge, Mclaughlin stated that wasn’t enough to cover any liability should Wagner get injured or separated from the group. Mclaughlin then reminded Wagner that she had been reminded multiple times to bring in her permission slip like all the other employees, with multiple emails sent and even pinning a note to her sweater before going home yesterday.

Sources report that Wagner attempted to fake her mom’s signature before work, but Mclaughlin was able to spot the forgery after she had childishly reversed the letter “R”.

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