Dog-Friendly Office More Concerned About Animal Happiness Than Employee Happiness

Colorado Springs, CO – After it was discovered that ad agency ClickMagic’s newly-hired chef specializes solely in high-end pet cuisine and would not be making meals for any of the actual staff, bipedal employees continue to feel that their benefits are severely lacking when compared to how the office treats their dogs. Just last week, employees had become suspicious about H.R.’s priorities after the lactation room was converted into a free dog-grooming salon.

“One time (CEO) Mitchell Carter berated me for not taking my Pomeranian, Ginger Spice, on enough walks when I brought her into the office,” stated Amanda Higgins. “But when I told him last week that I’m burning out trying to hit these deadlines, Mitchell said that sleep is overrated and that I probably just needed a good tummy rub.”

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