Wheelchair-Bound Coworker Doesn’t Want To Talk About How “American Ninja Warrior” Audition Went

Cincinnati, OH – Coworkers were unsurprised when overly ambitious product designer Mauricio Zeller showed up to work in a wheelchair following his audition for the competitive game show American Ninja Warrior. Zeller, who has repeatedly claimed with no evidence that he could have been an NFL-caliber running back “if he felt like it”, spent the days leading up to the taping telling fellow employees that he would have no problem completing the course, pointing to the fact that he takes the stairs every day instead of the elevator.

However, when pressed by Sharon Evans on how the taping went, Zeller attempted to steer the conversation towards politics, a subject that he has only brought up in the past to discuss which historical icons he thinks he could take in a fight.

As of lunch time, Zeller has already proclaimed that he could “easily” get gold at the Special Olympics, should he have the right wheelchair.

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