After Poor Attendance For Complimentary Yoga Sessions, Startup Begins Offering Mental Gymnastics Classes

Los Angeles, CA – In an effort to provide exhausted employees with something more energizing than breathing exercises and toe touches, Silicon Beach startup Miyogee is instead providing free mental gymnastics classes to help their workers jump through the many layers of office politics they encounter on a daily basis. According to class trainer and retired Olympic gymnast Kerri Strug, the classes are designed to help Miyogee employees “develop the mental strength and fortitude to deal with working at a company that provides no personal growth or social benefit.”

“I’ve tried so many different suggestions to handle stress at work: yoga, Soulcycle, meditation, casually sleeping with my coworkers, and Pilates,” said Tanya Flowers, Director of Marketing. “But all of those were just attempts to escape the soul-crushing reality of work.

“Thanks to mental gymnastics classes, I’m finally able to deal with providing absolutely no value in my career.”

According to H.R., the mental gymnastics class will meet at the nearby Applebee’s during happy hour.

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