“Fake News” Blamed For Startup’s One-Star Glassdoor Rating

San Francisco, CA – As she spoke to her staff during an impromptu town hall that no one would be paid for attending, GyrlzPowered founder and CEO Olivia Ortega roundly grouped up and slammed over 100 one-star Glassdoor reviews as “fake news designed to disempower the fementrepreneurial spirit.” Ortega was furious called complaints about the lack of basic amenities in the office “outlandish demands that no male CEO would have to consider”, such as providing a lactation room for breastfeeding mothers or tampons for female employees. When multiple employees pointed out that companies with male CEOs, such as Google and Apple, provide these services, Ortega dismissed those comments as “narratives designed to slut-shame us just because we aren’t scared of polyamorous relationships.”

“These negative reviews are made by outsiders trying to ‘mansplain’ what a work environment should be and not realizing that at a women-first company, we’re not afraid to breastfeed on the floor, and we’re not afraid of a little blood on our chairs,” stated Ortega. “We also don’t believe in fire exits or overtime because we’re not here to be a part of the male status quo.”

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