Aggrieved Coworker Still Finding Energy To Constantly Bitch About “Game Of Thrones” Finale

Santa Fe, NM – As Melvin Jackson derisively called the company vision as “wandering and destination-less as (Game of Thrones showrunners) D&D’s idea of a series finale”, coworkers sat back in amazement at his ability to maintain just as much passion and negativity about HBO’s crown jewel today as Jackson did immediately after the last episode ended. In particular, Jackson’s manager, Marlene Buchanan, considers his passionate hatred over the ending to be “the most thought and energy I’ve ever seen Melvin expend on anything at work.”

According to anonymous coworkers, Jackson uses Game of Thrones seasons as his personal barometer for evaluating anything in the office. After H.R. ordered breakfast burritos for the company, he praised them for being “as high-quality as season three.” However, when his vacation request was denied last month, Jackson equated the decision as “more short-sighted than building up the Night King and doing f—-all with him.”

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