Coworkers Ready To Take Workplace Friendship And Openly Discuss Recreational Drug Use

Morgantown, WV – Having spent the past six months bonding over work projects, happy hours, and fantasy drafts, fellow account executives Ed Jackson and Sean Pope have both disclosed privately that they feel ready to really move their friendship forward by openly discussing their habitual drug use. The decision came after Pope joked that their boss, Kara Maxwell, “was baked out of her mind” during their last sales team meeting, to which Jackson replied that he would “love to smoke whatever she’s paying for.”

The comment wasn’t lost on Pope.

“I’m going to invite Ed to lunch and asking him to grab my sunglasses, where I’ll have a joint stashed,” Pope told his girlfriend that night. “Then when he’s like ‘whoa what’s this’, I’ll just be like, ‘a good time, that’s what that is’. And then we’ll catch a quick little mini-high before hitting up Chipotle, where I’ll talk about losing our marijuana virginity in college.”

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