Terror Spreads Across Woman’s Face Upon Realization That Horde Of Birthday-Cake Wielding Coworkers Coming For Her

Fairfield, CT – As her coworkers walked towards her cubicle carrying store-bought cake from the closest Safeway, Meghan Myers could only sit in silent horror upon realizing that she would be forced to sit through an unwanted birthday celebration that could last as long as fifteen minutes. While the marketing team sang an off-key, half-hearted rendition of “Happy Birthday”, Myers realized that she had been foolish to think that she would be able to get through her birthday unnoticed, especially after not noticing obvious omens, such as Dave Spencer inquiring about her favorite ice cream flavor last week.

Despite her visible misery, coworkers continued to hang out and force their festivities upon Myers, threatening not to leave until she finished a slice of cake.

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