Marketing Manager Boldly Suggests Taking Page From Apple’s Playbook

Cleveland, OH – After interrupting John Dorter, CEO of local temp agency Cleveland Assistance, during his quarterly presentation to the entire organization, marketing manager Damien Trebutayne paused for dramatic effect before confidently stating that the company should “take a page from Apple’s playbook.” Trebutayne gave absolutely no direction on what page he was referencing, instead simply leaning back and waiting for his coworkers to applaud him.

“At this point, we can either innovate or we can go extinct,” Trebutayne warned, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Cleveland Assistance had already hit its annual revenue goal in under eight months. “But when I look around this room, I don’t see a bunch of Microsoft Zune owners, I see people ready to change the world.”

As of press time, Trebutayne still has provided no actual idea or strategy, but he has shared over 200 motivational LinkedIn posts by GaryVee.

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