Amount Of Exclamation Points In Email Starting To Get Really Weird

Bloomington, MN – Employees at Bloomington Travel Services were noticeably uncomfortable after receiving an email from office manager Maggie Stevenson, who supposedly speaks English as her first and only language, containing more exclamation points than actual letters. The email opened with an overly enthusiastic “Hi All!!!!!!!”, and only proceeded to get worse. Stevenson’s email proceeded to over-excitedly lay out how to use the new Keurig coffee machine, with over 17 exclamation points dedicated solely to the fact that the cups are biodegradable.

Afterwards, multiple coworkers were unsure if Stevenson knows any other punctuation besides the exclamation point, with some apologists giving her the benefit of the doubt by assuming that the period, comma, and semicolon keys are broken on her keyboard. Other coworkers were left deeply rattled by Stevenson’s overly peppy tone and sought to take action against it.

“Is this worth going to HR for? This feels like something I should go to HR for,” Shane Welker told colleagues. “I guess it’s not technically harassment, but no one should be that happy at work.”

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