Family Spends Annual Vacation Watching Dad Complain About Emails Coworkers Sending While He Out Of Office

Orlando, FL – While David MacMullen sat hunched over his iPhone frustrated by his team’s perceived inability to “go one day without saying the wrong thing to the wrong person”, wife Jennifer MacMullen and their two children, David Jr. and Stephanie, sat in their hotel watching That’s So Raven reruns on the Disney Channel. As the family spent almost the entire day watching their father shake his head and curse into his hands, they slowly began accepting the reality that they most likely wouldn’t actually set one foot into Disney World or its second-rate competitor, Universal Studios.

The vacation has taken a similar turn to last year’s Washington, D.C. outing. However, instead of spending time visiting the monuments and museums, the family sat in the car silently watching their father melt down after realizing that there was a typo in his out-of-office message telling recipients to “have great day” instead of “have a great day.” David feared that the error would lead to a week of him looking like “the biggest dipsh– in the office who can’t even write good.”

Jennifer’s attempts to convince David to leave the hotel room, even just for food, have seemingly fallen on deaf ears as he continues to constantly refresh his work email.

“I’ve told her a million times not to include him on release notes emails,” MacMullen muttered to no one in particular. “All it does is waste my time because now he’s gotta be in the loop on everything.”

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