In Bold Act Of Corporate Defiance, Project Manager Removes Work Email From Son’s iPad

Portland, OR – Sick of how much his professional life had bled into his time at home, project manager Willard Barton took the dramatic step of deleting his corporate email off of his son Mackenzie’s iPad. The abrupt removal makes Barton virtually unreachable at home, except through his iPhone, MacBook, and Apple TV, which Barton has set to immediately pause any streaming service when a work email arrives so that Siri can read the entire contents aloud.

“For too long I’ve put my family second to my work,” Barton stated while responding to a Jira ticket on the family Samsung Smart Refrigerator. “From now on, when I’m playing games with Mackenzie on his iPad, he should know that he has my full attention.

“Unless my phone is on me, in which case I’m pretty much constantly refreshing all of my work apps.”

When pressed for comment, Barton refused to confirm or deny whether he still had Slack installed on Mackenzie’s iPad.

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