Man Running Around Office Either Putting Out Urgent Fire Or Really Has To Use Bathroom

Hutchinson, KS – As city council member Damon Newman ran through Hutchinson City Hall at what would have been a sub-four minute mile pace, coworkers assumed he was either going straight to the Mayor to deal with some sort of imminent crisis, or rushing off to destroy the men’s room for the next half hour. City Hall employees grew even more confident that he was headed to the latter destination after discovering that Newman spent lunch at Los Mariachis Mexican Restaurant, home of “the Tijuana gut buster.”

“Damon’s always in a rush either working on behalf of the fine people of Hutchinson, or sitting in the handicapped stall,” said fellow council member Travis Murphy. “Either way, I guarantee that the man is putting in some serious work.

“All I can say for sure is that I don’t plan on seeing him again until tomorrow.”

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