McDonald’s Employee Can’t Wait For Machines To Take Over Job And Deal With Assholes All Day

San Bernardino, CA – After coming home from a typical 10-hour McDonald’s shift where she was called a “stingy child” by a customer for not giving her a seventh Sweet ‘n Sour sauce packet, high school student Jennifer Gonzalez told family members that she is looking forward to the day robots replace every fast food employee in America so that “no one is worried for their physical safety just because they told someone to stop filling the water cups with lemonade.” While economy experts have expressed concern about the unforeseen consequences that automation will have on unskilled laborers, Gonzalez is excitedly looking forward to the day when no human being will have to be verbally, and occasionally physically, degraded because the McRib is no longer available.

Gonzalez, who plans to attend UCLA next year, plans to study machine learning so that she can design and build a robot that automatically tazes fast food patrons that ask if they can get a couple extra free soda cups just for the Monopoly game pieces.

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