38 Year-Old Man Clings To Office Conversation About 90’s-Era Grunge Rock As Long As Humanly Possible

Albany, NY – What started as a joking comment about Mark Hubbard’s dated musical tastes soon turned into an seemingly endless conversation about the mumbling, out-of-tune grunge rock music era once coworkers realized that the 38 year-old Director of Marketing refused to move on to any topic besides the formative music of his teen years. Hubbard, whose Pandora app features no music made after Veruca Salt’s For The Masses album in 1998, has never displayed such engagement in a spontaneous office conversation until he began debating with no one in particular whether Pearl Jam or Nirvana were the “kings of the ’90’s.”

Coworkers thought that they may have broken free when Hubbard started reminiscing about Pogs, Walkmans, and the first seven seasons of “The Simpsons”, but were quickly shut down when office manager Sylvester Hubbard attempted to shift topics to anything that happened in the past 10 years.

“God, do you guys remember Toad The Wet Sprocket?” Hubbard quickly shouted when Hubbard tried to bring up how his grandmother’s chemotherapy treatments were proceeding. “Man, band names just made sense back then, you know?”

As of press time, all of Hubbard’s coworkers passed on his lunch invitation and have opted to just work in total silence instead.

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