Graphic Designer Shocked To Discover White Is Actually A Color

Boston, MA – After coworker Alison Collier helpfully pointed out that he could just select a white paintbrush instead of starting over with a completely new mockup, Elbert Castillo, a professional graphic designer for over eight years, was blown away upon finding out that white is an actual color that exists on the vertical spectrum and isn’t just the default background color in Adobe Photoshop. Castillo, who has studied every art style ranging from Da Vinci’s Renaissance paintings to Renoir’s Post-Impressionism portraits all the way to modern-day Fauvism and Futurism, told Collier that the concept of white had never been brought up in design, a claim she found skeptical at best.

“I thought ‘white’ was just the vast emptiness of space from which everything is derived,” Castillo stated. “To find out that it’s just another color on the visible spectrum is like finding out that water and ice are the same thing.”

Collier has told coworkers that, based on Castillo’s continued shock, she has no plans on revealing that technically she’s also white.

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