H.R. Director Would Really Prefer If Sexual Harassment Complaint Could Wait Until Next Week

Detroit, MI – As Cora Tran tearfully recalled explicit details of her unwanted physical encounter with a high-ranking senior leader, H.R. Director Annette Francis repeatedly tapped her watch and spun her finger in a fast-forward gesture before telling the sobbing woman that “it would be really great” if they could “put this whole thing on timeout” until after the weekend. Francis let Tran know that she would prefer not to discuss the blatant abuse of power on Monday since there’s so many emails to catch up on, but also didn’t want to wait until Friday because “it’s just a real drag to end the week on.”

“I’m not trying to belittle your claim or anything, but I was really trying to get out of the office early and hit the happy hour at the nearby Howard Johnson,” Francis stated while completely forgetting to offer Tran a tissue. “Why don’t you spend the weekend finding a new guy and see if you still feel like playing the blame game next week?

“Also, try not to wear anything too skimpy in the office next week.”

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