Dead-Eyed Man Unmoved By Begging Coworker’s Pleas To Hold Elevator

Atlanta, GA – Despite clearly hearing coworker Leslie Marsh’s multiple requests to hold the elevator for her, Brendan Kim instead kept his head down and pretended to be busy checking emails on his iPhone so that he wouldn’t be forced to make awkward small-talk about how their weekends went. Kim’s ruse was incredibly risky since it’s common knowledge among his coworkers that there is no phone reception in the elevator.

This isn’t the first time Kim has refused to hold the elevator for a coworker. In the past, when Brenda Thornton hobbled into work on crutches, Kim pantomimed pressing the open door button, only to actually feverishly slam the close button.

As of press time, Kim intends to avoid any office tension with Marsh by hiding in the men’s handicapped stall all day.

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