NASA Mission Control Engineer Wondering If It Cool To Turn One Of The Monitors To Netflix

Houston, TX – After discovering that NASA Flight Director Gene McMahon had never watched a single episode of The Office and was “missing out on so many references”, telemetry engineer Doug Strickland insisted that they shut off one of the International Space Station display monitors so that they could start up a binge session. When multiple engineers warned of the many ways this could jeopardize both the mission and the astronauts’ lives, Strickland noted that “these things practically drive themselves”, only to then wonder out loud whether shuttles are driven or flown, even though the last actual shuttle launch took place almost eight years ago.

Strickland ignored multiple alerts at his command console to instead focus on the logistics of recovering his Netflix password and coordinate which episode to watch first. He eventually settled on the one where Michael leads harassment training, which he described as “classic.”

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Photo By NASA – from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain, Link

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