In Effort To Save Money On Magazine Subscription Fees, Doctor’s Office Leaves Patient Files In Waiting Room

Indianapolis, IN – With skyrocketing malpractice fees forcing doctors to re-evaluate every line item in their budget, Wellington Medical Group got rid of their subscriptions to Time, Sports Illustrated and other magazines patients flip through, and instead now leave all of their medical records available to read for their entertainment. While patients are outraged at the multiple privacy violations this has caused, they also can’t stop reading through years of confidential doctor-patient privilege.

“While this may be a slight HIPAA violation, ever since we started leaving our patient files out in the lobby, we haven’t had a single late appointment,” noted executive assistant Vivian Roy. “In fact, most of our patients now show up at least two hours before their check-in time just to find out who in their office is on antidepressants.”

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