VP of Marketing Credits Professional Success To Putting All Her Energy Into Work Instead Of Marriage

Columbus, OH – When asked to reflect on how she was able to reach such success over her career, Hope Evans, Vice President of Marketing for regional blinds and curtains retailer Columbus Shaders, glowingly reflected on her decision to not let her marriage ever take priority over her job. Evans, who knows her boss more intimately than her husband, “Dave, or Doug, or something else that starts with a D”, sees herself as a trailblazer for the modern working woman by setting an example on how much a woman should expect to sacrifice in order to reach roughly 75% of the success of her male counterparts in the Columbus metropolitan area.

Despite her success, Evans still feels some jealousy as modern technology has made ignoring husbands, family, friends and doctors more effortless than ever before.

“It’s so much easier to ignore your family nowadays with your work email just sitting on your smartphone 24/7,” mused Evans while ignoring texts from her husband asking if she would be home soon. “Back in my day, I had to go physically leave Dennis or Danny or whoever in the living room while I went to our office — which at one point he laughably thought would be a nursery — and VPN into my work computer from home just to check my email. This generation doesn’t realize how lucky they’ve got it.”

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