Starbucks Barista Confident New Employee Actually Filming ‘Undercover Boss’ Episode

Seattle, WA – After watching the newest barista, Howard Shmultz, explain to the fourth customer in a row why government handouts are better served going to large corporations versus federal welfare programs, Starbucks barista Lillie Malone told friends that she is “pretty positive” that her newest coworker is Starbucks founder and former CEO Howard Schultz participating in the tepidly received reality show, Undercover Boss. Malone also based her assumption on the camera crew that has filmed filmed Schultz since his first day of work.

“Starbucks usually doesn’t hire 65-year olds, it’s usually hipster college students that work here,” said Malone. “And Howard goes into the stockroom like every 20 minutes ‘to check the supplies’, but I can hear him talking to some cameraman about how trickle down economics really does work.”

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