Dentist Visibly Unimpressed By Unconscious Patient’s Penis

Grand Rapids, MI – After waiting in rapt anticipation for Cory Cole’s anesthesia to render him incapacitated, local dentist and national pervert Neal Watson sighed in frustration after finally getting a good look at Cole’s man-bits. According to sources, Watson debated whether it was even worth getting his camera equipment and lighting rig set up for photos of Cole’s disappointing appendage before finally setting up for a bare-bones 60-minute photoshoot.

“I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed,” Watson said while adjusting the lighting in an unsuccessful effort to add some girth to Cole’s junk. “It’s my own fault anyway, I spent all weekend building his wingding up in my head, when he never even filled out our new patient form asking him to list his measurements in either inches or centimeters.”

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