Man Thinks Sexual Harassment Meeting Perfect Time To Test Out New Stand-Up Material

Los Angeles, CA – Concerned Proxana employees grew agitated during their annual sexual harassment training upon the stark realization that Leonard Barnes, full-time H.R. specialist and part-time stand-up comedian, was forcibly working untested comedy bits into the presentation. The realization quickly dawned upon them when Barnes, who has worked with all of the meeting attendees for at least 18 months, asked if “anyone was from out of town.”

Coworkers reported that this isn’t the first time they’ve been forced to sit through Barnes’ shtick, such as the time during the healthcare benefits presentation that he riffed for 15 minutes about “what’s the deal with hospital food.”

“I didn’t mind Leonard’s shtick before he rewrote the company handbook banning heckling,” said an exhausted Erin Thompson. “Ever since then though, I’ve probably heard a couple dozen hours’ worth of hiss stand-up because I’m legally required by the state of California to attend these meetings.

Despite the poor feedback from his coworkers, Barnes has shown no inclination to stop forcing his shtick onto not just his coworkers, but apparently anyone he interacts with throughout the day.

“Anytime you put me in front of someone, you better believe I’m going to crack jokes,” Barnes explained. “It doesn’t matter if you’re my Uber driver, a Wells Fargo teller, or a funeral director, I’m bringing the comedy.”

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