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Coworker’s Meal Prep Lunch Clearly Leftover McDonald’s


Baltimore, MD – After forcing her coworkers to sit through multiple sermons about the health and cost benefits of meal-prepping lunches for the week, Courtney Blair raised eyebrows at work when she pulled out a leftover McDonald’s Quarter Pounder value meal for lunch. Coworkers sat with their mouths agape as Blair even ate reheated McDonald’s fries, universally regarded as the worst food to ever come out of a microwave. Even financial analyst Tom Newsome, who delivered his wife’s baby at home when she insisted on a natural childbirth, had to leave the kitchen in disgust when he saw Blair sip from a three-day-old McFlurry with Oreo cookies.

“I respect people that are dedicated enough to not just commit to meal-prepping for the week, but to also eat the same thing five days in a row,” said coworker Jean Spencer. “But I’m pretty sure part of the goal is to eat healthy and save money, and Courtney’s not accomplishing either.

“Also, there’s a McDonald’s right across from the office. At least get it fresh.”

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