In Effort To Better Prepare Users For Real World Work Environment, Khan Academy Now Offering Courses In Office Politics

Mountain View, CA – After gathering feedback from some of the largest companies across the United States on the difficulties of Khan Academy users adjusting to corporate life, founder Salman Khan announced plans to launch an “Office Politics” series of courses designed to prepare students for the the cold bucket of water to the face that encompasses actually being another faceless cog in an organization. Khan hopes that by providing office politics training to new entrants into the corporate world, their career will be fast-tracked by replacing theirwide-eyed optimism with the dull-eyed stare of someone who has been ground through the corporate rat race for the past 20 years.

The course selection has received glowing praise from CEOs, who are delighted to see key fundamentals like inter-department power struggles, purposely vague harassment policies, and how to refill the coffee machine all included in student’s coursework.

“All my conversations with executives about our students come back to the same thing: ‘we love the skills and foundations they’ve built at Khan Academy, but we really wish that they had some basic common sense,'”, explained Khan. “Too many times, our graduates have shown up on the first day of work with way too positive of an attitude, or raise their hands in meetings like anyone wants to hear what they have to say.”

In addition to their office politics courses, Khan Academy unveiled a shock collar that corporations can place on Khan Academy graduates that will provide the reinforcement needed to succeed in the workplace.

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