Spontaneous Rugby Game Breaks Out At “Work Hard, Play Hard” Office

Wellington, NZ – In an effort to live up to Henderson Logistics’ “work hard, play hard” motto, over two dozen employees spontaneously started a full-contact rugby game in the middle of the office. The marketing department trounced the finance department 34-20, led by former New Zealand All Blacks captain Richie McCaw, now moonlighting as a social media coordinator. Unfortunately, the game was called early after junior financial analyst Gabby Durst suffered a lacerated spleen challenging McCaw in a scrum.

While it’s become commonplace for companies to brag about having “work hard, play hard” environments, research has found that the phrase is typically code for offices that force their employees to work unnecessarily long hours and attempt to make it “fun” by offering copious amounts of free booze. Research has also shown that employees not only still end up burned out at these companies, they also end up with a severe drinking habit.

“At other companies, ‘playing hard’ just means no one’s going to report their coworker to HR for popping open a brew,” stated CEO Dan Henderson. “Here at Henderson Logistics, we know our employees will literally play hard, and we’ve got the medical insurance expenses to prove it.”

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