Notepad Brought To Every Meeting More For Show Than Actual Note-Taking

Chattanooga, TN – After coworkers asked Bert Hubbard to check his notes from a previous product meeting about what they had decided to name a variable, the front-end engineer was forced to admit that his bright-red Louis Vuitton Epi leather notebook was “more of a fashion statement” than of any actual practical use. Hubbard also noted that the color pencils weren’t for categorizing different projects, but instead because he had taken to doodling flip-book animations whenever he had downtime, which typically coincided with any team meetings.

“Look, I’ve found that as long as I’ve got my head down and I’m scribbling in this notebook, no one pays attention to whether or not I’m actually paying attention,” explained Hubbard. “Everyone just assumes I’m doing some sort of Beautiful Mind-esque equations or some nonsense, but I’m really just sitting here drawing my coworkers fighting with whatever animal my nephews are currently into.”

While Hubbard’s coworkers were disappointed to find out that he hasn’t ever actually taken a single note in any meeting for the past four years, they were impressed by the animation of a Tyrannosaurus eating their CEO. The team later decided to name the variable “Rex.”

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