Report: Manager Still Working 2017 Skydiving Trip Into Any And Every Conversation

Anaheim, CA – Less than five minutes into the weekly product roadmap meeting, Gil Foster surprised absolutely no one in the room by bringing up his 2017 skydiving experience after Christie Pittman declared that the team needed to “think outside the box more.” Foster then proceeded to commandeer Dan Pittman’s laptop so that he could play his YouTube skydiving playlist, a 36-minute collection of highlights including putting on his gear, jumping out of the plane, and seven minutes of just repeating “freaking awesome.”

Coworkers were unsurprised by Foster’s actions, who has managed to work a reference to the most exciting moment of his life almost every single day at work. Yesterday, after Tracy Harrington announced that she and her boyfriend were “finally taking the plunge”, Foster sprinted over from the opposite side of the office to mention that he’s almost as excited for Harrington’s upcoming wedding as he is to one day getting his skydiving certification.

Despite having told the story of his lone skydiving jump to every employee at least a dozen times, Foster remains adamant that he will continue to force it into every conversation, ranging from mundane conversations, such as office small-talk, to more awkward situations, such as Pittman’s grandmother’s funeral.

“I know that sometimes I can seem a bit crazy or obsessed about my jump – that’s what we call it – but I’m really just trying to fire the team up,” stated Foster as he updated his computer wallpaper with a different photo of a cloud. “But hey, you gotta be a little crazy to jump out of a perfectly good plane, am I right?”

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