Trust Fall Quickly Followed Up With Apology Lift

Joshua Tree, CA – With her coworkers too busy arguing about whether to catch on “three” or immediately after, Robyn Hodges was left sprawling on her back after a simple team-building exercise went disastrously wrong. As Hodges laid on the ground with a mild concussion, she couldn’t help but laugh at how her coworkers were just as unreliable with her personal safety as she found them to be at the office.

Sources report that her manager, Vince Emerson, was the first to notice Hodges had already toppled over. Upon realization, Emerson immediately apologized on behalf of the rest of the team, noting that their “inability to count to f—ing three” resulted in him not catching Hodges, which, according to Emerson, completely absolved him of any blame should Hodges feel compelled to file a lawsuit.

Hodges estimates that it took roughly 45 minutes for her coworkers to stop trying to assign blame on each other for their collective mistake before offering to help her up while offering half-hearted apologies.

“If anything, this just proves that they’re like family to me,” reflected Hodges from her hospital room. “The way they argue over absolutely nothing while ignoring my own personal safety was almost eerily identical to how my parents behaved.”

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