Report: Employee Requests Boss Promise Not To Get Upset

St. Petersburg, FL – Shifting her weight nervously, H.R. coordinator Andrea Welch told her manager, H.R. director Becky Huang, that she had something important to tell her, but that Huang had to promise not to get mad at Welch about it. When Huang stated that she couldn’t promise that until Welch told her what she had done, Welch immediately became defensive about the fact that Huang just automatically assumed that it was her fault when, in reality, anyone could have fallen for such an incredibly sophisticated phishing scam.

As Welch continued to allude to some sort of massive company-wide data breach, Huang could be seen growing visibly agitated while at the same time repeatedly insisting that she wasn’t angry.

“I just feel like you’re looking for a reason to get mad at me,” Welch explained to Huang. “And I think you would use a situation like accidentally sending every employees’ W2s to someone on Pinterest pretending to represent the IRS as a reactionary excuse.”

As of press time, Huang told coworkers that, should Welch continue to not tell her what she did, Huang would have no choice but to get Welch’s father involved.

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