Communication Issues Impact Outsourced Indian Tech Team As They Struggle To Understand American Office’s Bastardized English Dialect

Chennai, India – After receiving yet another email filled with grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, India Solutions CEO Mukul Dhingra was forced to delay his timeline due to a recurring breakdown in communication stemming from his client, Emojis4Lyfe, failing to have a basic understanding of the English language. When Emojis4Lyfe’s CEO sent a Snap rapping about his displeasure with the delay, Dhingra, who has a PhD in computer science from MIT and has published over a dozen books on various programming languages, managed to respond professionally instead of just deleting Emojis4Lyfe’s source code from the internet altogether.

“We understand that working with outsourced teams can be difficult for Americans who are used to reading and writing formal tech requests like they’re sitting on the toilet with one hand free,” stated Dhingra. “So my team has gotten acclimated to looking over basic spelling errors, inconsistent tense, and, at this point, basic math errors. India Solutions prides itself on being able to interpret poorly written documentation and create something actually useful from it.

“But almost all of our current impasse stems from Emojis4Lyfe’s lack of clarity on what they want to achieve. For example, this Jira ticket simply says ‘make the page pop’, but doesn’t provide a link to what page they’re talking about, or what ‘pop’ means. Should it be an audible noise? Some sort of seizure-inducing flashing?”

Despite the difficulties, Dhingra still says that Emojis4Lyfe has been easier to communicate with than their last partner, the Trump Foundation.

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