Completely Out Of Nowhere “Dilly-Dilly” Reference Kills It During Meeting

Orlando, FL – Feeling that the meeting’s mood could use a dash of his irreverent humor after learning that the company still had yet to turn a profit, social media manager Clint Griffith pierced the silence by reciting the Bud Light “dilly-dilly” marketing slogan , drawing uproarious laughter from his coworkers. Despite having no marketing background of his own, Griffith has previously brought the house down by making impromptu references to other well-known ad campaigns, such as the Budweiser “Waaazup” guys and the “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” dog.

“Pretty much my entire goal at work is to make one of my coworkers go ‘did Clint really just say that?’, really elicit that ‘oh-no-he-didn’t’ response,” said Griffith. “And after unsuccessfully trying to come up with my own ideas for a few years, I struck gold back in 2016 when I quoted Peyton Manning’s infamous Mastercard commercial at a Subway, telling the worker to ‘cut that meat!'”

However, Griffith was quick to caution that his success wasn’t easy, nor can it be duplicated.

“People don’t realize that there’s a science to this,” Griffith explained. “One time after we got some good news, I once saw Lucia (Bryant) throw out the McDonald’s ‘I’m loving it” slogan, even had the ‘bah-dah-buh-buh-buh’ going for good measure. She never got promoted again.

“And then you’ve got some commercials that are just too cerebral. One time, just in the middle of the floor for no reason, Shawn (Reynolds) once took his shirt off and told us to ‘smell like a man.’ He had to be escorted out by security.”

Griffith has told coworkers that he’s already looking forward to seeing how Papa John’s integrates Shaquille O’Neal into their ad campaigns, and that he has high expectations to work his lines into work lunches for the next decade.

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