Facebook Bans X-Games Page For Being Too Extreme

Palo Alto, CA – After making headlines yesterday banning popular pages like Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos for being “dangerous voices meant to cater to extreme audiences”, Facebook announced today that it would also be banning the Facebook page for the annual X-Games competition, citing the event’s “callous disregard for being chill and destructive focus on unsafe skateboard rotations.” When reporters questioned whether the page was being unfairly grouped with truly extremist voices versus the X-Games’ promotional marketing tone targeted towards risk-taking daredevils, Facebook reps shrugged and replied, “algorithms, y’know?”

“Our goal at Facebook is to regain the public’s trust by removing any page, personality, and event that urges extreme actions,” stated Facebook’s legal counsel, Fabio Arbionza. “And any event that has Diplo, Incubus, and the Wu-Tang Clan is extreme to the max.”

Despite the banning, X-Games officials remained defiant against Facebook, and the event took to Snapchat to declare their love of extreme sports before resuming its usual programming declaring the American government under the control of a secret society of mole people.

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