Coworker’s Dad Clearly Has No Idea What Son’s Job Actually Entails

San Francisco, CA – Nodding politely as his son, social media manager Evan Lucas, showed him around K-Popmoji’s office, retired carpenter Ben Lucas was stumped trying to understand what his child does for a living. After Evan explained that K-Popmoji creates custom emojis of famous Korean pop stars that users can buy for their smartphones, Ben became highly dubious, especially after Evan was unable to show him a single power tool for “building these so called jojis.”

Ben, who insisted that all of Evan’s coworkers call him “Bennie”, has repeatedly expressed skepticism to his son about whether the Internet was going to “make it”, and he agreed to tour K-Popmoji so that he could see that it is a real company with his own two eyes. However, Ben was left even more skeptical about whether Evan was working for a real company after seeing the office’s pool table, ping pong table, and adult-size bounce house.

“I understand that young folks want to sow their wild oats; after I got out of the army, I almost became a farmer,” said Ben. “But then I shook the daydreams out of my head and became an electrician, because eventually we all have to grow up.

“I’m sure Evan’s having a good time managing all these societal medias, but it’s probably time he talked to my war buddy, Gene Steinhaummer, about learning how to weld.”

Despite his father’s total befuddlement of his role, Evan insisted that the trip was productive, since at the very least Ben now realizes that his son hasn’t been lying to him about having a female boss.

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