Office Couple Annoyed No One Upset By Their Relationship

Baltimore, MD – Coworkers Derrick Stevenson and Laurie Willis, who have been dating for the past three weeks, told sources that they felt insulted by the total acceptance of their relationship within the office. Both Stevenson and Willis have openly voiced their frustrations that no one, even in H.R., has asked either of them to end their relationship at once, especially after they spent the first week together working on a really awesome speech about how they shouldn’t have to choose between work and love, ideally given while standing on top of the office kitchen table.

The total acceptance of Stevenson and Willis’ relationship has actually had a negative impact on the couple. Part of the thrill for Stevenson was tied to the fact that he thought dating a coworker was considered highly taboo in the office. After finding out that it’s acceptable, Stevenson has found himself spending his evenings looking up ex-girlfriends on Instagram and, when desperate, LinkedIn.

Willis has also begun souring on the relationship, telling sources that she only started dating Stevenson because she expected the ensuing drama to rival some of her biggest office meltdowns, such as the time Willis demanded that she be paid in gold instead of dollars out of fear that the American currency would crumble.

Despite their conflicted feelings about their relationship, Stevenson and Willis’ coworkers hope that they stay together, just so that no one else is stuck dealing with their horrible personalities.

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