Report: Work Cancelled Because It Just So Darn Nice Outside

San Diego, CA – Knowing the importance of not spending the day in an office and instead taking the time to enjoy this fleeting thing called life, San Diego appliance manufacturer Spincyclers told employees to spend the day enjoying the balmy 72 degree weather, preferably with a nice rum cocktail at the beach. In addition, Spincyclers CEO Saul Jennings told employees that any paddleboard-related expenses would be reimbursed by the company.

According to sources close to Jennings, the move is unsurprising. Previously, he has closed the office for a week after his dog had puppies and invited employees to his house to “take a whiff of that fresh puppy smell.”

”As fulfilling as it is for our employees to work on cutting edge dishwashing technology, I find it to be just as inspiring to sometimes just take a day away from the office and enjoy America’s hidden little gem called ‘San Diego’,” Jennings said before teaching an impromptu Bikram yoga class.

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  1. Holy shit I just wrote a piece on a kid dying of a fun overdose. When I was googling images of “beach waves” to use as the background to my photoshop, I am sure I saw this image. Lolz.
    God, your articles are lovely. I’ll bet you’re a hit in the office.

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