Man Files Discrimination Complaint After Coworkers Continue To Talk About Shows He Can’t Stream

Bethesda, MD – After coworkers refused Tony Croft’s demands that they take his lack of an HBO account into consideration and stop discussing the series finale of The Wire, Croft felt he had no choice than to file an official discrimination complaint with the Human Resources department and what he called their “responsibility to protect all workers from damaging spoilers in the office.” Croft, who insists that he will one day get around to watching the award-winning drama about the futility of the drug war in U.S. cities, has offered to drop his complaint if his coworker, Maya Briggs, shares her HBO Now account with him.

“When I come to work, I expect my coworkers to be sensitive about my beliefs, just like I am with theirs,” explained Croft. “I haven’t once given Maya crap about being a Mormon, but she thinks it’s okay to talk about Game of Thrones like HBO subscriptions are just falling from the sky.”

Despite the complaint, Briggs has not only refused Croft’s request for her HBO login, she has also taken issue with his demands on what television shows Briggs and her coworkers are allowed to openly discuss with each other.

“The Wire ended over 10 years ago,” stated Briggs. “So I’m going to talk about the dock workers, the pay phones, what happens with Omar, because Tony’s had a decade to catch up and just spent it re-watching The Office on Netflix.”

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