Study Reveals Female Executives 90% Less Likely To Be Given Desk Than Male Counterparts

Seattle, WA – Revealing just how large the gender gap remains in corporate America, a new report released by the University of Washington discovered that female executives are 90% more likely to not have a desk in their office than male executives. Instead, female executives are more likely to work either sitting on the floor or while standing in a hallway and constantly apologizing for being in the way to passerby.

“Our research has revealed that gender inequality comes in many forms,” stated Dr. Emily Chu, lead scientist at the University of Washington. “No matter how much progress it may seem like women have made, we need to continue fighting for a seat at the table.

“Just to be clear, that’s not a euphemism; we literally don’t have chairs in our offices, either.”

The study’s findings also revealed that almost all of the desks provided to women were originally meant for men who couldn’t figure out how to follow IKEA’s assembly instructions correctly. The only outlier occurred when Living Spaces accidentally delivered an extra desk, which CFO Jane Stauskas pulled out of the dumpster and assembled herself.

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